Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015

"Novembernebel" re-release 2015

The 2nd album "Novembernebel" was released on tape in 2010 by Bleichmond Tonschmiede. These tape were limited to 100 copies and sold out quickly, plans to bring back the album on CD have existed since then. Now I'm glad that it hasn't been until now that the CD version is due to be release because I don't think my previous ideas of how the CD should be were as well developed. The album comes with bonus tracks (recorded in 2015), all ambient tracks in a remixed version and a completely new record (recorded ometimes between 2012 and now) of "In Dorso Corvi Divini", the only black metal song of the original album. The artwork for the CD is currently being made, newly crafted from the ideas collected since 2010. This time I'm working on the artwork myself, the new cover is already finished...

"Novembernebel" will be released by Winterblast Halls in, guess what, November. For more information and news on the release follow the facebook pages of GARDEN OF GRIEF and WINTERBLAST HALLS.

In this bandcamp player you can already listen to the remixed ambient version and the black metal version of "Nebelmond"