Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Novembernebel - OUT NOW!

The re-release of my second album "Novembernebel" has been released on November 15th. Over 25 minutes of bonus material are on this CD, 65 minutes playing time in total. You can order the album either from my own bandcamp page or from WINTERBLAST HALLS. The digital version is of course free to download, as always.

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015

"Novembernebel" re-release 2015

The 2nd album "Novembernebel" was released on tape in 2010 by Bleichmond Tonschmiede. These tape were limited to 100 copies and sold out quickly, plans to bring back the album on CD have existed since then. Now I'm glad that it hasn't been until now that the CD version is due to be release because I don't think my previous ideas of how the CD should be were as well developed. The album comes with bonus tracks (recorded in 2015), all ambient tracks in a remixed version and a completely new record (recorded ometimes between 2012 and now) of "In Dorso Corvi Divini", the only black metal song of the original album. The artwork for the CD is currently being made, newly crafted from the ideas collected since 2010. This time I'm working on the artwork myself, the new cover is already finished...

"Novembernebel" will be released by Winterblast Halls in, guess what, November. For more information and news on the release follow the facebook pages of GARDEN OF GRIEF and WINTERBLAST HALLS.

In this bandcamp player you can already listen to the remixed ambient version and the black metal version of "Nebelmond"

Montag, 15. Juni 2015

New album & political statement

I'd like to inform you about the release of a new digital album, which is now available on bandcamp. "TALES FROM THE VAULT" is a collection of cover songs and tracks which have never found their way on any album until now (and never will in these versions). All songs on this release were recorded sometimes between 2011 and 2015, some have been remixed while putting this release together.

You can download "TALES FROM THE VAULT" here FOR FREE:

Now why is this album (and more important: ALL other releases in digital form) offered for free? You may say this is a political issue. With the announcement of the new streaming service apple music I have seen quite a lot of articles, new and old, which all say pretty much the same: musicians seem to earn too little from digital music. To understand how much bullshit this actually is, one must ask following questions:
  • why do people buy physical releases?
  • why do people listen to music for free instead of spending money on physical or digital releases?
  • what is the consequence of this choice for musicians?

The advantage of physical releases over files is quite obvious: it's a physical item with (hopefully) great artwork on good quality material, nicely designed and produced AND it contains the files which you can also take with you on other devices if you want to. If you want to spend money on music you will get the most with physical items. Of course you need much interest in exactly THAT band, to spend money on their music in the first place - which brings us straight to question number two.

If you are not interested enough in a certain band you won't spend money on them. Another reason for not spending money on music is because you are (at the moment or in general) not able to spend money on all bands you would like to support and need to make choices. In both cases you won't spend money, no matter if you find a way to listen for free or not. In other words: you are not a source of financial gain for the musician, no matter if you listen to his music or not.

The consequence for musicians is not too hard to understand: people who do not want to spend money on your music or who are not able to spend money will not provide financial gain - they will also not cause a financial loss if you still let them listen to your music. Why? Because FILES CAN BE REPRODUCED AT NO COST, a hundred or a million times, it doesn't matter. Therefore digital music MUST be offered for free. If fans willingly spend money on files it is great for you and a reasonable percentage of people will indeed do so. 

Some might say "But the music costs a lot of time and money to write and record!"...but seriously: you don't know if ANY person will want to spend money on your music before you write and record it and you will do it anyway. So the music IS already made before anyone can even decide for or against spending money on it. This is a bullshit argument used by the music industry to trick you into believing that somehow everyone who records anything is entitled to financial gain, no matter how many people really want to buy their shit. You can be streamed a million times, if no one wants to spend money on your albums (be it digital or physical) you can not, should not, must not except to live from your work or even expect any financial gain.

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

The "Einheitsfront" Hoodies return!

Some years ago the first series of "Black Metal Einheitsfront" hoodies were produced. The design had been made by Regnum Art, the same artist who later created the cover Artwork for "Endstation". It was based on the idea of creating a design which basically says something like "Black Metal from Austria" while using a wording closely related to the band. Since then the song and design have become a sort of trademark for GARDEN OF GRIEF and have been put on various items. As the old hoodies are nowhere to be found anymore (I never had any to sell myself) I'm trying to produce a new series of Einheitsfront-Hoodies now. These new hoodies would have the "Endstation" train on the front and the Einheitsfront design on the back. As the last album was pretty much white, the hoodies will also have light colours...if everything works as planned they will be produced in WHITE, ASH and SAND.

There will also be other new items, such as POLO-SHIRTS with embroidery on the chest and small "Black Metal Einheitsfront" patches. The Metal-Pins will be restocked with a revisited design (some improvements in raised metal/colour parts on the pin) and a few backpatches can be ordered again.

Honestly, the album campaign on IGG had been a success, but the goal was calculated far too low in the first place and it ended up as a loss anyway. So, there's definitely no money available to invest in a shitload of new clothes and other merch - time to use IGG again and thereby ask you if the hoodies and polos are really wanted!

Until March 2nd you will be able to contribute to the campaign and if the goal can be reached, all the planned items will be produced! If the goal is not reached until March there will be no new hoodies, polos or other items. All package prices have shipping costs included.


Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

ENDSTATION Release: 12.12.2014

ENDSTATION is ready to be unleashed!

Official release date is 12.12.2014.
If you want to order a copy, click on "SHOP" in the navigation bar on top!

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Sometimes thoughts have to be written down for no reason, simply because you will try to remember sometimes later and they are not there anymore...this is about the purpose of black metal as a form of artistic expression:

Provocation has no purpose in black metal. As an artist I write the music firstly for myself and secondly for a random audience which happens (for whatever reasons) to like my output. Supposing that there is absolutely nothing which could possibly shock a black metal audience, no taboo for those people that could be broken, the listeners will not feel any provocation whatsoever. Violence, sex, drugs, politics, a black metal musician you are simply not able to provoke the people you write the music for. Of course, other people may get upset about what you serve your audience, but then, those people are not your audience anyway and you can't even begin to guess what might be able to irritate them.

Taking all this into account I don't view any black metal as "meant to provoke" by default and therefore "shocking people" can only be an unintentional side effect which the artist is barely aware of. The reason for choosing album and song titles, choosing the right words for lyrics, choosing the images for a CD design and so on are based on how I like them to be and not on what I believe people outside the genre might think of them. Reducing any aspect of music to "The musician simply wanted to provoke with that" is rather offensive to hear. As a musician I do things for a reason that makes sense for me, that fits my overall form of artistic expression and not based on how it could affect people outside the genre. The moment we start directing our music at "other people" - meaning people, who are not our possible audience (as said above, a black metal audience can not be provoked by methods of black metal) - we have completely lost our justification.

Samstag, 29. November 2014

Endstation: production process

Well, as you may have noticed, the campaign on IGG was a success. Everything is produced (CDs will arrive in the week after December 1st) and only needs to be packed for shipping. The only items that had to be taken in bigger amounts are the album art patch and the metal-pins, which means they will be available after the pre-orders have been shipped. The album shirts and backpatches are basically all sold, there may only be fewer than 5 pieces left after all the packages will have been sent. Below you can see photos of the merch items that come along with the CD:


You can order the album, album art patch and metal-pin from Winterblast Halls. Official release date will be on Friday, 12.12.2014!

Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Endstation: IGG campaign


The new album is fully recorded and mixed. There may be some adjustments in the sound during the following weeks but in general everything is finished. Therefore I have finally started the funding campaign on which is going to run until September 29. The primary goal of the campaign is to collect as much as 1500€ until then. You can choose between various packages including stuff ranging from just a copy of the CD to exclusive merch items such as album shirt and patch, metal-pin, "black metal einheitsfront" backpatch (!) and awesome artwork prints on wood. If you have chosen your preferred CD package you proceed by paying the required sum for the chosen package (or more if you like) to indiegogo via paypal or credit card. If the goal of the campaign is fulfilled at the end of September I will get the money from indiegogo and produce the album on CD as well as all the merch items needed to fulfill all of your orders! There will be no additonal costs for shipping or anything after you have pledged money on indiegogo. If the campaign raises more money than the 1500€ for the basic CD production (+ merch items) the production of the CD is getting better - by adding a cardboard case to the CD - while you still pay the same price!

If the campaign fails THERE WILL BE NO RELEASE at all and you will automatically get your money back from indiegogo. In that case I have at no time any of the money in my hands, I only get it if it is enough for me to guarantee for the production (which is why I set the goal on a minimum of 1500€).

Please have a look at the campaign on:

...and take part before September 29!


Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Endstation: the end is in sight

The new album "Endstation" is now about to be finished. The instruments are completely recorded and only vocals for one song are missing. At the moment I'm still working on the lyrics for that song. The Artwork is also being created (not by dead-pixel studio though) and should be finished shortly after the end of the recording process.

Tracklist of "Endstation"
1. Auftakt: Angriffskrieg
2. Initial Command
3. Aufbruch: Anfang vom Ende
4. End of the Line
5. All Out!
6. Endlösung: Vernichtungskrieg
7. Genocide Crescendo
8. Endstation: Aschenwind

The total playing time is going to be over one hour.
While I'm still working on the last song my friend Bendor Blackwolf (Eternal Decay, Elohimeth) is creating an alternative version of the whole album by adding keyboards on all the black metal tracks. In which form this version will be added to the original release depends on how well the crowdfunding project goes. It might even be put on tape to go along with every copy of the album...if there's enough money available - it's in your hands eventually.

As for the crowdfunding project, I have decided to use the platform Indiegogo because it offers more and comfortable payment methods (such as paypal) than others and it can be used without country restrictions. The goal is to raise enough money for an exclusive CD production (raw paper, cardboard box, maybe relief print...). By pledging money for this project you will be able to get first of all the album itsself for a good price as well as various exclusive merch items such as album artwork shirts and paches, metal pins, artwork prints and other interesting stuff. Most of those items would not be produced without the funding projcet and will only be available by taking part in the funding process. Also, if the project is over-funded, there is the chance of the alternative album version being released physically as well.

The idea of using crowdfunding for this release is a reaction to the common practic of withdrawing pre-orders shortly before it's time to pay. If you really want the album and an exclusive production too, you will get it - if not enough people are willing to get a physical copy it makes no sense to put much money into a physical release at all. I could listen to it at home and give a CDr or the files to close friends instead. But I like to have a well produced CD in my hands and that's why I try to provide the same for my listeners. It won't work without your support though. More information on the funding project when the music is completely finished and mixed.

Montag, 21. Januar 2013


I have created a bandcamp page to be able to display most of the available releases and merch items. You can find songs in full-length for online play as well as free downloads of sold out albums. Purchase of the physical releases is also possible there via paypal. If you want to order something but have no paypal account you can also write an email to boronian.sturmfels(at) and pay with bank transfer (but only within the EU).

Have a look at the bandcamp page and feel free to share the downloads and links with other people. The sold out albums will not be re-produced in the same version again, so the downloads are the only chance to get those albums now.

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

News on the N&N split EP

good news! the split ep with neige et noirceur is going to be released soon...planned release is the first of december, which is hopefully being held indeed
as you will already know the release is a 7" vinyl, but what is new and actually very impressing is the fact that it will be pressed on coloured vinyl now. there will be 500 copies, 200 of them in black and 100 in each other colour: blue, red, and green.

here is a preview of how the release is going to look like - the vinyl on the picture is not yet the correct one, it's just some other disc for this symbolic photo:


Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

New song (with Nightforest)

...been working with Nightforest again, music was provided by Taranis and I recorded the vocals. check the result here:

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Forsvunnet Filosofem

Forsvunnet Filosofem is a Burzum tribute compilation organised by Marc Hoyland (Hoyland, Ethereal Forest, ...). release is planned for May 2012 in double cd format - one cd with ambient and the other with black metal songs (some original ambient songs will be recorded in bm style and vice versa).

my part of this work will be the song "Glemselens Elv" of the album "Belus":

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

7" Vinyl

during the preparations to finish the new album with bass and vocals I got the opportunity to release a Split EP via Atramentum Productions from Quebec. 7" Vinyl - FINALLY!

of course I had to accept that offer since I was waiting for a chance to produce on vinyl for quite a while now. also the split partner was more than just a good argument. he has contributed a song to my compilation cd that I was organising for the last year so the chance for a split release is cool for me. I will write something new for the release so it may take a while, but the release isn't planned for this year anyway...more infos are coming when it's time!

Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Denied Sanctuary X

Denied Sanctuary X

Not much left to be done, then the new album will be produced! Production will take about 2 weeks or so, and therefore I guess that it will be finished in March. There may be some more unexpected delays, but at the moment there are apparently no further problems.

1. Sanctuary Denied Forever
2. Into the Vale of Dreams
3. The Nebulous Entity of Love
4. Reaching for the Stars
5. The Horizon of my Dreams
6. Volunteer...for Euthanasia
7. The Final Ascension

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

new album - tracklist fixed

I have now considered what to put on the upcoming album and I have come to a decision.

"X - Denied Sanctuary"

1. Into the Vale of Dreams
2. The Nebulous Entity of Love
3. Reaching for the Stars
4. The Horizon of my Dreams
5. Volunteer...for Euthanasia

track 1+2 have already been on the first album, with the subtitle "Denied Sanctuary part I/II" and will be re-recorded for the new album!

recording will take place after I return from Ireland which will be in August. I hope that I can record all songs in a few days and then continue with mastering which will take another day or more. at the end of the month the work on this album should be done...hopefully (you never know how long the flute will take -.-)