Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

7" Vinyl

during the preparations to finish the new album with bass and vocals I got the opportunity to release a Split EP via Atramentum Productions from Quebec. 7" Vinyl - FINALLY!

of course I had to accept that offer since I was waiting for a chance to produce on vinyl for quite a while now. also the split partner was more than just a good argument. he has contributed a song to my compilation cd that I was organising for the last year so the chance for a split release is cool for me. I will write something new for the release so it may take a while, but the release isn't planned for this year anyway...more infos are coming when it's time!

Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Denied Sanctuary X

Denied Sanctuary X

Not much left to be done, then the new album will be produced! Production will take about 2 weeks or so, and therefore I guess that it will be finished in March. There may be some more unexpected delays, but at the moment there are apparently no further problems.

1. Sanctuary Denied Forever
2. Into the Vale of Dreams
3. The Nebulous Entity of Love
4. Reaching for the Stars
5. The Horizon of my Dreams
6. Volunteer...for Euthanasia
7. The Final Ascension