Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Endstation: the end is in sight

The new album "Endstation" is now about to be finished. The instruments are completely recorded and only vocals for one song are missing. At the moment I'm still working on the lyrics for that song. The Artwork is also being created (not by dead-pixel studio though) and should be finished shortly after the end of the recording process.

Tracklist of "Endstation"
1. Auftakt: Angriffskrieg
2. Initial Command
3. Aufbruch: Anfang vom Ende
4. End of the Line
5. All Out!
6. Endlösung: Vernichtungskrieg
7. Genocide Crescendo
8. Endstation: Aschenwind

The total playing time is going to be over one hour.
While I'm still working on the last song my friend Bendor Blackwolf (Eternal Decay, Elohimeth) is creating an alternative version of the whole album by adding keyboards on all the black metal tracks. In which form this version will be added to the original release depends on how well the crowdfunding project goes. It might even be put on tape to go along with every copy of the album...if there's enough money available - it's in your hands eventually.

As for the crowdfunding project, I have decided to use the platform Indiegogo because it offers more and comfortable payment methods (such as paypal) than others and it can be used without country restrictions. The goal is to raise enough money for an exclusive CD production (raw paper, cardboard box, maybe relief print...). By pledging money for this project you will be able to get first of all the album itsself for a good price as well as various exclusive merch items such as album artwork shirts and paches, metal pins, artwork prints and other interesting stuff. Most of those items would not be produced without the funding projcet and will only be available by taking part in the funding process. Also, if the project is over-funded, there is the chance of the alternative album version being released physically as well.

The idea of using crowdfunding for this release is a reaction to the common practic of withdrawing pre-orders shortly before it's time to pay. If you really want the album and an exclusive production too, you will get it - if not enough people are willing to get a physical copy it makes no sense to put much money into a physical release at all. I could listen to it at home and give a CDr or the files to close friends instead. But I like to have a well produced CD in my hands and that's why I try to provide the same for my listeners. It won't work without your support though. More information on the funding project when the music is completely finished and mixed.