Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

new album - tracklist fixed

I have now considered what to put on the upcoming album and I have come to a decision.

"X - Denied Sanctuary"

1. Into the Vale of Dreams
2. The Nebulous Entity of Love
3. Reaching for the Stars
4. The Horizon of my Dreams
5. Volunteer...for Euthanasia

track 1+2 have already been on the first album, with the subtitle "Denied Sanctuary part I/II" and will be re-recorded for the new album!

recording will take place after I return from Ireland which will be in August. I hope that I can record all songs in a few days and then continue with mastering which will take another day or more. at the end of the month the work on this album should be done...hopefully (you never know how long the flute will take -.-)