Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Endstation: IGG campaign


The new album is fully recorded and mixed. There may be some adjustments in the sound during the following weeks but in general everything is finished. Therefore I have finally started the funding campaign on which is going to run until September 29. The primary goal of the campaign is to collect as much as 1500€ until then. You can choose between various packages including stuff ranging from just a copy of the CD to exclusive merch items such as album shirt and patch, metal-pin, "black metal einheitsfront" backpatch (!) and awesome artwork prints on wood. If you have chosen your preferred CD package you proceed by paying the required sum for the chosen package (or more if you like) to indiegogo via paypal or credit card. If the goal of the campaign is fulfilled at the end of September I will get the money from indiegogo and produce the album on CD as well as all the merch items needed to fulfill all of your orders! There will be no additonal costs for shipping or anything after you have pledged money on indiegogo. If the campaign raises more money than the 1500€ for the basic CD production (+ merch items) the production of the CD is getting better - by adding a cardboard case to the CD - while you still pay the same price!

If the campaign fails THERE WILL BE NO RELEASE at all and you will automatically get your money back from indiegogo. In that case I have at no time any of the money in my hands, I only get it if it is enough for me to guarantee for the production (which is why I set the goal on a minimum of 1500€).

Please have a look at the campaign on:

...and take part before September 29!