Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Novembernebel - OUT NOW!

The re-release of my second album "Novembernebel" has been released on November 15th. Over 25 minutes of bonus material are on this CD, 65 minutes playing time in total. You can order the album either from my own bandcamp page or from WINTERBLAST HALLS. The digital version is of course free to download, as always.

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015

"Novembernebel" re-release 2015

The 2nd album "Novembernebel" was released on tape in 2010 by Bleichmond Tonschmiede. These tape were limited to 100 copies and sold out quickly, plans to bring back the album on CD have existed since then. Now I'm glad that it hasn't been until now that the CD version is due to be release because I don't think my previous ideas of how the CD should be were as well developed. The album comes with bonus tracks (recorded in 2015), all ambient tracks in a remixed version and a completely new record (recorded ometimes between 2012 and now) of "In Dorso Corvi Divini", the only black metal song of the original album. The artwork for the CD is currently being made, newly crafted from the ideas collected since 2010. This time I'm working on the artwork myself, the new cover is already finished...

"Novembernebel" will be released by Winterblast Halls in, guess what, November. For more information and news on the release follow the facebook pages of GARDEN OF GRIEF and WINTERBLAST HALLS.

In this bandcamp player you can already listen to the remixed ambient version and the black metal version of "Nebelmond"

Montag, 15. Juni 2015

New album & political statement

I'd like to inform you about the release of a new digital album, which is now available on bandcamp. "TALES FROM THE VAULT" is a collection of cover songs and tracks which have never found their way on any album until now (and never will in these versions). All songs on this release were recorded sometimes between 2011 and 2015, some have been remixed while putting this release together.

You can download "TALES FROM THE VAULT" here FOR FREE:

Now why is this album (and more important: ALL other releases in digital form) offered for free? You may say this is a political issue. With the announcement of the new streaming service apple music I have seen quite a lot of articles, new and old, which all say pretty much the same: musicians seem to earn too little from digital music. To understand how much bullshit this actually is, one must ask following questions:
  • why do people buy physical releases?
  • why do people listen to music for free instead of spending money on physical or digital releases?
  • what is the consequence of this choice for musicians?

The advantage of physical releases over files is quite obvious: it's a physical item with (hopefully) great artwork on good quality material, nicely designed and produced AND it contains the files which you can also take with you on other devices if you want to. If you want to spend money on music you will get the most with physical items. Of course you need much interest in exactly THAT band, to spend money on their music in the first place - which brings us straight to question number two.

If you are not interested enough in a certain band you won't spend money on them. Another reason for not spending money on music is because you are (at the moment or in general) not able to spend money on all bands you would like to support and need to make choices. In both cases you won't spend money, no matter if you find a way to listen for free or not. In other words: you are not a source of financial gain for the musician, no matter if you listen to his music or not.

The consequence for musicians is not too hard to understand: people who do not want to spend money on your music or who are not able to spend money will not provide financial gain - they will also not cause a financial loss if you still let them listen to your music. Why? Because FILES CAN BE REPRODUCED AT NO COST, a hundred or a million times, it doesn't matter. Therefore digital music MUST be offered for free. If fans willingly spend money on files it is great for you and a reasonable percentage of people will indeed do so. 

Some might say "But the music costs a lot of time and money to write and record!"...but seriously: you don't know if ANY person will want to spend money on your music before you write and record it and you will do it anyway. So the music IS already made before anyone can even decide for or against spending money on it. This is a bullshit argument used by the music industry to trick you into believing that somehow everyone who records anything is entitled to financial gain, no matter how many people really want to buy their shit. You can be streamed a million times, if no one wants to spend money on your albums (be it digital or physical) you can not, should not, must not except to live from your work or even expect any financial gain.

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

The "Einheitsfront" Hoodies return!

Some years ago the first series of "Black Metal Einheitsfront" hoodies were produced. The design had been made by Regnum Art, the same artist who later created the cover Artwork for "Endstation". It was based on the idea of creating a design which basically says something like "Black Metal from Austria" while using a wording closely related to the band. Since then the song and design have become a sort of trademark for GARDEN OF GRIEF and have been put on various items. As the old hoodies are nowhere to be found anymore (I never had any to sell myself) I'm trying to produce a new series of Einheitsfront-Hoodies now. These new hoodies would have the "Endstation" train on the front and the Einheitsfront design on the back. As the last album was pretty much white, the hoodies will also have light colours...if everything works as planned they will be produced in WHITE, ASH and SAND.

There will also be other new items, such as POLO-SHIRTS with embroidery on the chest and small "Black Metal Einheitsfront" patches. The Metal-Pins will be restocked with a revisited design (some improvements in raised metal/colour parts on the pin) and a few backpatches can be ordered again.

Honestly, the album campaign on IGG had been a success, but the goal was calculated far too low in the first place and it ended up as a loss anyway. So, there's definitely no money available to invest in a shitload of new clothes and other merch - time to use IGG again and thereby ask you if the hoodies and polos are really wanted!

Until March 2nd you will be able to contribute to the campaign and if the goal can be reached, all the planned items will be produced! If the goal is not reached until March there will be no new hoodies, polos or other items. All package prices have shipping costs included.