Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

The "Einheitsfront" Hoodies return!

Some years ago the first series of "Black Metal Einheitsfront" hoodies were produced. The design had been made by Regnum Art, the same artist who later created the cover Artwork for "Endstation". It was based on the idea of creating a design which basically says something like "Black Metal from Austria" while using a wording closely related to the band. Since then the song and design have become a sort of trademark for GARDEN OF GRIEF and have been put on various items. As the old hoodies are nowhere to be found anymore (I never had any to sell myself) I'm trying to produce a new series of Einheitsfront-Hoodies now. These new hoodies would have the "Endstation" train on the front and the Einheitsfront design on the back. As the last album was pretty much white, the hoodies will also have light colours...if everything works as planned they will be produced in WHITE, ASH and SAND.

There will also be other new items, such as POLO-SHIRTS with embroidery on the chest and small "Black Metal Einheitsfront" patches. The Metal-Pins will be restocked with a revisited design (some improvements in raised metal/colour parts on the pin) and a few backpatches can be ordered again.

Honestly, the album campaign on IGG had been a success, but the goal was calculated far too low in the first place and it ended up as a loss anyway. So, there's definitely no money available to invest in a shitload of new clothes and other merch - time to use IGG again and thereby ask you if the hoodies and polos are really wanted!

Until March 2nd you will be able to contribute to the campaign and if the goal can be reached, all the planned items will be produced! If the goal is not reached until March there will be no new hoodies, polos or other items. All package prices have shipping costs included.